Our work with Artist-Curators builds on the experience and success of the past 10 years of working with contemporary artists, to look at how contemporary artists’ practises can enable and empower (re)interpretations of the past and reveal the ‘multiple-narratives’ of artefacts held within our collections in ways which are innovative and accessible to everyone.


Divided Labour – The Unsung Crafts of Ceramic Industrialisation

Arist-Curator Neil Brownsword’s commission involves making new work and interventions while also leading on the curating of the museum’s nationally important Ceramics Collections with the main Auditorium’s Shropshire Gallery.  A film by Johnny Magee looks at the often neglected social and political histories which surround the production and consumption of ceramics.


Intimate Geology

New ImageIlana Halperin has been working with museum staff to develop the overall aesthetic strategies, selection of artefacts display and interpretation of the museums’ nationally important geology collections. Her own new sculptural work will also be incorporated within the museum collections.  Iain Gardner has been commissioned by Ilana to develop a hand drawn animation telling the story of the global journey of Shropshire landmasses through time. She has also invited a writer, Nicola White, to develop a set of miniature stories as part of the interpretation of each geological chapter.


ace_logoThis project has been funded by Arts Council England.


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