Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

An image of the front of the Music Hall in Shrewsbury, home to Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. There are signs outside promoting stop. cafe and the Museum with people walking past.

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery in The Square

Re-opened at the old Music Hall in April 2014, Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery tells the stories that make Shropshire unique through its’ amazing galleries: Roman Gallery, Shropshire Gallery, Medieval, Tudor and Stuart Galleries and the Special Exhibition Gallery.

Come and explore millions of years of history through over one thousand remarkable objects in the extraordinary set of building that house Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery. From key Shropshire finds like the Roman tombstones and headstones and the Shropshire Mammoth to a fine geology and Tudor collection, Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery intimately depicts local history using all senses.

In image of extremely well preserved Roman tombstones in the free to enter Roman Gallery at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery.

Roman Stones

Since opening, Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery has established itself as the perfect family museum and holds events and activities throughout the week that are ideal for children. Children and their families can take part in great activities like Mini-Mammoths to following the trail of Maximo Mouse through the museum – there’s always something in this family Museum for children to have fun and learn.

An image of two children in front on a painting at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery with cardboard binoculars ahead of the free entry for children promotion.

Children enjoying the galleries at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

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