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Find out what it was like to hunt a mammoth,  live like a Tudor, think like a scientist and explore like an archaeologist. From first experiences to big ideas, our education programme will stimulate young minds and develop creativity.

Download a brochure here:- Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

Workshops at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

(prices from £95 per workshop)

EYFS/Yr 1  Dinosaur Detectives

KS2 Meet the Romans

KS1/2 New LEGO® Story Starter – A Night at the Museum

KS1/2/3 Portrait Tour and Art Workshop

KS2 Investigating Evolution- following Darwin’s footsteps

KS2 Stone Age Bone Age!

KS2/3 Medieval & Tudor Shrewsbury

New for 2017:

EYFS  Rhyme Around the World – Between February and May 2017

Join us for the ‘Rhyme Around The World’ RACE RHYME RACE web

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Teacher’s Pack Landscape low res PART 1Teacher’s Pack Landscape low res PART 2

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 We also offer  Museum in School education sessions , where an experienced educator leads a workshop session in your classroom . Museum in School visits cost £110 for a single session and £190 for a double session.

Download a brochure here:- Museum in School


KS1 Fossils and Dinosaurs

KS1 Toys

KS1 Charles Darwin

KS1 Florence Nightingale

Ks2 Ancient Greece

Ks2 Original Olympians

KS2 Ancient Egyptians

KS2 Meet the Romans

KS2 Anglo-Saxons

KS2 Viking Raiders

To find out more about these education opportunities, or the many others we have on offer across Shropshire, email us at or call us on 01743 258881.

If you wish to visit Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery @ The Music Hall without undertaking a workshop, there will be a charge of £2 per pupil. One adult per 6 paying pupils will be admitted free of charge and all other accompanying adults will be charged at child rate. Pre-school, playgroup and nursery visits. Children FREE. Accompanying adults £4 each . We offer free preliminary visits for teachers.

 BOOKING ESSENTIAL Contact us on 01743 258881/258884 or email for further details.


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