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Find out what it was like to hunt a mammoth,  live like a Tudor, think like a scientist and explore like an archaeologist. From first experiences to big ideas, our education programme will stimulate young minds and develop creativity.

Download a brochure here:- Workshop Programme 2018 / 2019

Workshops at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

EYFS/Yr 1  Dinosaur Detectives

EYFS/KS1 We’re going on a MAMMOTH HUNT

KS2 Meet the Romans

KS1/2 New LEGO® Story Starter – A Night at the Museum

KS1 /2 / 3 Portrait Tour & Art Workshop

KS1 /2  / 3 Landscape Tour & Art Workshop

 KS2 Investigating Evolution- following Darwin’s footsteps

KS2 Stone Age Bone Age!

KS2/3 Medieval & Tudor Shrewsbury

KS2 Rock Detectives

Prices range from £60 –  £95 per workshop

 We also offer  Museum in School education sessions , where an experienced educator leads a workshop session in your classroom . Museum in School visits cost £110 for a single two hour session and £190 for a double session.

Download a brochure here:- Museum In School


EYFS/KS1  The Magical Museum Suitcase (only £65 for one session)

KS1 Toys

KS1 Charles Darwin

KS1 Florence Nightingale

Ks2 Ancient Greeks

Ks2 Original Olympians

KS2 Ancient Egyptians

KS2 Meet the Romans

KS2 Anglo-Saxons

KS2 Viking Raiders

To find out more about these education opportunities, or the many others we have on offer across Shropshire, email us at [email protected] or call us on 01743 258881.

If you wish to visit Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery  without undertaking a workshop, there will be a charge of £2 per pupil. One adult per 6 paying pupils will be admitted free of charge and all other accompanying adults will be charged at child rate. Pre-school, playgroup and nursery visits. Children FREE. Accompanying adults £4.50 each . We offer free preliminary visits for teachers.

                                                              Shropshire Museums Learning Team 2017

Workshops and visits :BOOKING ESSENTIAL Contact us on 01743 258881/258884 or email [email protected] for further details.


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