KS1/2 LEGO® Story Starter – A Night at the Museum


LEGO® Story Starter – A Night at the Museum                                       

 Creak, rattle, squeeeeeak, rattle, clank…

“What is that terrible noise? Where is everybody? Where am I?”

It is nearly dark; you are locked in the museum. The museum doesn’t open again

until tomorrow morning! What will happen at the museum between sunset and sunrise? Where is the eerie sound coming from? What will you do about it?

 In the LEGO® Education workshop children explore history chronologically as they take a tour of the museum and imagine what it would have been like to hunt a mammoth,  sleep in a Tudor bed and be an explorer like Charles Darwin.

In our museum classroom, children use LEGO® Education’s Story Starter kits to plan, sequence and build their own story based on the theme of ‘a night at the museum’.

half day workshop 10.00am – 12.00pm or 12.30pm-2.30pm

Cost: £95 per workshop per class + FREE entry to the museum galleries

Maximum of 35 children per workshop

There are lunch room facilities within the museum.

Contact [email protected] 01743 258881/258884 for further information or to book

Download our schools workshop brochure here:Workshop Programme 2018 / 2019



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