Shropshire Museums Collections Centre in Ludlow

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Workshops at Shropshire Museums Collections Centre in Ludlow

Dinosaur Detectives – EYFS / KS1

Come and dive into ancient seas to find incredible creatures from the time of the dinosaurs. Teeth, claws, eggs, footprints and a dinosaur hunt help us discover so much about these fabulous creatures before we do our own  dino dig and paint a beautiful fossil to take home. Cost: £95 per class – Duration 2 hours

The Key to the Castle – EYFS / KS1

Unlock the creaking castle door and take an exciting trip back to castle times. Children discover what life was like a very long time ago through dressing up, songs and stories and access to original and replica artefacts. They spend the afternoon visiting Ludlow Castle for a special guided tour. Cost: £140 per class – Duration 4 hours

Glorious Groups – an Introduction to Classification – Lower KS2

How do we group all living things? This session answers the question by introducing classification. Children have hands on practice grouping real specimens and learn about the importance of describing living things in detail. Cost: £95 per class – Duration 2 hours

Looking at Life with Linnaeus – Upper KS2

Discover the amazing world of Carl Linnaeus and dive into the world of classification. Children use real specimens and practice grouping a range of living things. The session includes a rare opportunity to visit the wonderful natural history store at Shropshire Museums Collections Centre in Ludlow to focus on groups of vertebrates and invertebrates. Cost: £95 per class – Duration 2 hours

Meet the Tudors – KS2

Children will follow in the footsteps of real characters from Tudor times, from poor to the wealthy including Tudor Royalty ! A walking tour of the town and selection of original and replica objects and archive documents bring this fascinating period to life. Each child will create their own unique document complete with Tudor seal to take away. Cost £140 per class – Duration 4 hours

Rock Detectives – KS2

Children dress up in the lab coats and become scientists for the day, conducting experiments and using microscopes. They visit the museum’s climate controlled stores for a special tour and take a ‘rock walk’ around Ludlow. Cost £140 per class – Duration 4 hours

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