School visit booking guide

Booking Checklist

  • Choose a workshop session (or a combination of workshops).
  • Choose three preferred dates for your visit or Museum in School session.
  • Check with your Head Teacher and colleagues to ensure there are no school events which conflict with your preferred dates.
  • Contact us with your enquiry at [email protected] 01743 258881/258884
  • We will check our diary for availability.
  • Once your date(s) are confirmed we will send you a booking form.
  • Ensure you have contacted a transport provider and book your transport.
  • Fill in and sign the booking form and return it to us.
  • We will contact a museum educator to lead your session.
  • Arrange for payment to be made using your preferred payment method.
  • Once payment has been received we will issue you with a confirmation of your booking.
  • Please note – If you cancel a booking more than 14 working days before the date of the session, your fee will be refunded in full. If you cancel a booking fewer than 14 working days before the date of the session, your fee will not be refunded unless we can re-sell that session to another school. If a session has to be cancelled, we will inform you at least 14 days before the date of the session. In the event of such a cancellation, the full fee will be refunded, however the museums service cannot take responsibility for travel or other costs.
  • We encourage you to make free planning visits to our sites prior to your visit. Risk assessments are available for all workshop and Museum in School sessions however these do not take into consideration the specific needs of your group and are intended to support your own risk assessment. Please contact us to book your planning visit at [email protected] 01743 258881/258884

We look forward to welcoming you and your school to Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery


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