Shropshire Archives

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Workshops at Shropshire Archives:

Workshop duration: 2 hours / Cost: £95 per class of maximum of 35 children

Medieval & Tudor Shropshire – KS2/3

The session involves using original 16th century archives. The main emphasis will be on maps of Shropshire, and on Royal documents, concentrating of their Great Seals, calligraphy and illumination. We also look at documents about the plague, inventories, and Tudor buildings.

English Language & literature –  ‘A’Levels

Shropshire Archives has a fantastic range of material to demonstrate the use of the English language across the centuries, from the twelfth century to the present day.

Local Study – KS2/3

A look at your local area and how it has changed, using maps, census returns, photographs, original parish registers, newspapers/trade directories and poor relief documents (if available.)

The First World War in Shropshire – KS2/3

Explore the First World War experiences of soldiers and those coping at home using a varied range of first-hand accounts from diaries and correspondence, photographs, newspaper sources and military records.

For further information or to book a workshop please contact [email protected] or telephone 01743 258881/258884