Poems in the Exhibition

Inspired by the vivid imagination of stained glass artist, Margaret Rope, a local writer – Kate Innes – is creating poems based on the windows, artworks and ephemera in the exhibition.


She says:

“The presence of birds, beasts, legends, flowers and the affectionate details of daily life in Margaret Rope’s work, executed with a perfect balance of form and colour, spoke to me. I knew there were many stories just under the surface of the glass, ready to be written.”


Poems will be added from time to time. These verses offer another way in to the exhibition. Just as the light made by stained glass inside a church can be seen from different perspectives and in a variable weathers, so the interpretation and appreciation of Margaret Agnes Rope and her work is open to all.


Kate Innes trained in Archaeology, Education and Museology before turning to writing full-time. Her novel, The Errant Hours, is set in the Welsh Marches in the thirteenth century.




Heavenly Lights – The Margaret Rope Exhibition is open until the 15th January, 2017.


Saint Winifrede Newport