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Rare Glimpse of The Dana

We are extremely grateful to the Friends of Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery who, with the support and assistance of the Lord Lieutenant, have kindly donated this remarkable painting of The Dana by Michael ‘Angelo’ Rooker. This painting is a significant work by an important Old Master. 

The Dana by M. Rooker

The Dana by M. Rooker

In 1788 Rooker began to make autumnal tours in the country, drawing mainly architectural remains.  This picture is part of that body of work.  With minute attention to detail and a wonderful understanding of light, Rooker has created a true tour de force of watercolour painting in this work. 

This picture will be an significant addition our Fine Art Collection which is an important record of the changing townscape of Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery at the Music Hall offers you the chance to discover a mix of the old, the new and the curious all within an extraordinary set of buildings.  From a medieval town house to an early Victorian Music Hall they span more than 750 years of history.

The Music Hall has been entertaining generations of Salopians with famous faces from Charles Dickens to The Beatles. The Museum now returns to its former home to continue this tradition with an exciting special exhibitions programme. From top class art exhibitions to hands-on family fun there is an assortment of delights.

Roman Stones

Roman Stones


Come and discover the stories that make this county unique. Explore 650 million years of history through a thousand remarkable objects. There is much to amaze, enlighten and amuse.

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery uses a ‘variety show’ of different ways to inspire you to think about our heritage.  Throughout our galleries we have included fine art from our collections which reflect the periods and themes explored.
We’ve worked with leading specialists to revisit and rethink the evidence our collections provide about the past. We’ve invited Contemporary Artists to help us push the boundaries of how we see and interpret Shropshire.  We’ve also investigated new technologies to discover innovative and exciting new ways to look at objects.


Our staff have developed an ambitious contemporary art programme which has delivered a range of artists’ commissions, new museum displays, special exhibitions, events, education and participatory activities. To find out more explore the subpages listed in the left menu bar.



IMG_4438Visitor Information Centre

As home to the Visitor Information Centre, the museum is the ideal starting point for your exploration of Shropshire.  Once you have discovered some of Shropshire’s secrets in our galleries, let us help you plan your visit to explore the town and County beyond.

The Visitor Information Centre sits at the entrance to the Music Hall and provides not only a wealth of information about what to see and do in the area, but also a range of gifts and souvenirs to mark your visit.



This project has been funded by Shropshire Council with assistance from the European Regional Development Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council, the Walker Trust, The Art Fund and Friends of Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery.

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