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Acton Scott Historic Working Farm

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Spark Young Writers Group


Join Writing West Midlands newest creative writing group for children & young people aged 8-16 at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery . Learn Creative writing skills, be inspired and develop confidence . Led by a professional writer, this group meets monthly on Saturdays from 2-4pm from September to June. £6 per session.

Saturday 23rd Sept 2017 

Saturday 21st October

Saturday 4th November

Saturday 2nd December

Saturday 13th January 2018

Saturday 10th  February

Saturday 3rd March

Saturday 21st April

Saturday 5th May

Saturday 9th June

 Visit the Young Writers’ tab on to book your place. Hurry, places are limited!


Museum in School


We bring the museum to you! An experienced museum educator will visit your school to deliver a two hour active learning session. All workshops are supported by a wide selection of original and replica artefacts and specimens from the museum collections.

KS1: Fossils and Dinosaurs

Children become paleontologists digging up and identifying bones, looking closely at real fossils, placing dinosaurs on a timeline and investigating the varying sizes of dinosaurs in relation to themselves and other creatures.

 KS1: Toys

Children handle original toys and look for evidence of how children played in the past. They look for similarities and differences between old and modern toys, play with a selection of replica Victorian toys and help Kipper put all his toys back in his toy box.

KS1: Charles Darwin

Children learn about Darwin’s early life by dressing up in costume of the period, sorting shells into types and organising bugs into categories or groups. They also follow the route of the Beagle to discover some of the specimens Darwin collected during the voyage.

KS1: Florence Nightingale

Through hands-on activities, children explore Florence’s childhood and school days and meet her pet owl Athena. They learn how to tie a bandage and help to make a poultice before identifying the problems faced by the hospital at Scutari, and discovering how Florence addressed them.

KS2 : Ancient Greeks

Children develop an understanding of ancient Greek life through close examination of the clues left behind and costumed role-play. Children discover how ancient Greek pottery can provide direct evidence of the Greek way of life, try on replica armour and explore the differences between Athenian and Spartan society.

KS2: Original Olympians

Through group discussion, object handling and role play, the workshop will guide learners through a range of imaginary scenarios inspired by real events in Ancient Greece and Victorian England to understand how the modern Olympics developed from ancient ideals. Ancient Greece and Original Olympians can be booked together as a whole day experience.

KS2: Ancient Egyptians

Children discover how Egyptian objects can tell us about the life and beliefs of this ancient civilisation. They draw on a variety of sources to find out what the ancient Egyptians believed about life after death before reconstructing the process of mummification.

KS2: Meet the Romans

Designed to develop investigative skills, children will discover how archaeology can teach us about life in the past. Through handling a wide range of original Roman artefacts and replica costume, they will see the wealth and variety of material that has survived from the Roman invasion of Britain.

KS2: Viking Raiders

More than 1000 years ago, fearsome Viking raiders sailed up the River Severn and into Shropshire. Who were they, where did they come from, and why did they come here? This fun workshop uncovers some of the mysteries of the Viking age, with a chance to handle Viking kit, hear tales of Viking gods and goddesses, and to re-enact some of the struggles between the Vikings and their Shropshire foes!

KS2: Anglo-Saxons

Children reconstruct a typical Anglo-Saxon grave to find out what burials tell us about their beliefs, way of life, crafts and technology. They compare this to the royal burial at Sutton Hoo and to the finds from the Staffordshire Hoard. Our Viking Raiders and Anglo-Saxon workshop sessions can be booked together as a whole day experience.


For information and to book contact: [email protected]     Tel: 01743 258881

Two hour session in the morning or afternoon to suit your timetable. £110 for a two hour session, £190 for two of the same workshop sessions in one day.

KS2 Meet the Romans

 Roman handle

Shrewsbury Museum’s Roman Gallery displays a range of beautiful and unique objects from Wroxeter, the fourth largest city in Roman Britain. This hands-on workshop is designed to develop children’s investigative skills and to experience how artefacts have contributed to our understanding of life in Roman Britain.

Pupils will gain an insight into the work of archaeologists and how archaeology can teach us about our past. Through handling a range of Roman artefacts they will see the wealth and range of material which has survived from the Roman invasion of Britain.

Cost £95 per class

Times: 10-12 or 12.30 -2.30

A lunch room is available.

Contact [email protected] 01743 258881/258884 for information and to book.

Roman Tombstones

Open Data API for Developers

You can use our metadata to create a new widget, mashup or application. We have an Application Programmer’s Interface (API) that is easy to use and quick to get started with.  Via the API you can submit search queries to return metadata for individual projects, partners or subjects.

The API is based upon OpenSearch, and by default takes a Lucene style query syntax.  The API is available via a rate limiting proxy, API search requests are limited to 900 requests per hour.  The data made available through the API is licenced as Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 2.0 UK and you are asked to provide a credit and link back to Shrewsbury Museums website in your application or mashup.   For non-rate limited, or commercial use, of the data please contact Shropshire Council for licensing terms.  Our open data feed must not be used for any commercial planning or development use.  You agree to your use of our API being monitored.

Getting Started

Please request an API key from the developers:  Orangeleaf Systems Ltd  [email protected]

The search records API call is passed a search query and returns a corresponding result set.

URL Format[REQUEST PARAMETERS]&fq[]=partner_code:CCM&facet=on&key=123456

you must have: queryType=lucene and fq[]=partner_code:CCM to just search the holdings of the Shropshire County Museum Service as CollectionsBase holds many data sets from many different projects.


you must have q=search term

key=your api key from Orangeleaf Systems


startPage=N the offset from which the result list paging should start, default is 1

count=N the number of the results to return in the listing, the default is 15

sort=title – the field upon which results are sorted. If sort isn’t specified the results are sorted by relevance. sort by title is the other option

facet=on – show the default facet lists

facet.mincount=10 – show only facets with at least 10 documents in the index

format=rss – other formats to follow, defaults to RSS


Advanced Query Syntax

q=+term1 +term2   both terms must match in documents

q=+term1 -term2  term1 must be in documents, term2 must not be in documents

q=dc.subject:term1  search only dc.subject index


By default, all contents are searched.  You can narrow this to just the following Qualified Dublin Core indices:

  • dc.subject
  • dc.creator
  • dcterms.temporal
  • dcterms.spatial
  • dc.title
  • dc.description
  • dc.source
  • dcterms.format

Additional Query Filters

If you wish to have additional Filter Query parameters, supply them in the standard array syntax.  So, to show only results with a thumbnail image, use fq[]=have_thumbnail:1


Above all, have fun :-)

If you have any questions please email the developers at [email protected]

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