Visit Shrewsbury

An image of Castle Gates House in the heart of Shrewsbury surrounded by beautiful colourful flowers.Shrewsbury’s history is out there in its higgledy-piggledy streets of now wonky buildings and the museum is the perfect place to help you discover it: in the red sandstone of the Castle, the stained glass of St. Mary’s Church and the ancient banks and ditches that encircle the surrounding hills.

When you look down on Shrewsbury from above, you can see that the River Severn forms an almost perfect loop around the town – like a moat, designed and built by nature.  You can walk the whole loop from Welsh Bridge to English Bridge.  The towpath passes right through the Quarry Park and Frankwell where Charles Darwin spent many happy hours as a boy.

In a world of identikit high streets, this medieval town is one of the few places where the independent shops outnumber the big chains – interesting shops with names you’ve never heard before.

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If you’re planning to visit to this historic town, visit Orginal Shrewsbury’s website for information.